Monkey Off My Back

I hope everyone is doing well after then end of the world.  My personal hell on Earth looks a lot like the everyday.

I come to you, today, with an announcement.  Hopefully, it’s a sign of things to come.

I’ve made my first sale.  My novelette, George And The Brain , sold on Amazon two days ago, and I have to say it feels great. 

 I’m sure other unpublished writers that have started to self-publish will agree with me when I say the first and biggest question we put to ourselves is How long will it take?  Initially, we check the sales almost daily for the first few days (at least I did, anyway).  It’s a compulsion we should try to resist.  Seeing that big fat donut in the units sold report can be very deflating.  My advice for this is the same as Dean Wesley Smith’s, which is also the same advice he gives for submissions.

Fire and Forget.

Seriously, racking your head over your lack of ebook sales is the same self-defeating thinking that would kill a new writer’s will to write when the form rejections start rolling in.

But back on topic; This first sale gets that monkey off my back.  Of course, there is still a whole troop hanging around my neck like; the second sale, the first repeated customer, my first fan!!!

Well, we’ll see how it goes.


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