Lost your paddle? You still have hands!

The age of digital self-publishing – for all the motivation it can generate – doesn’t preclude a writer from going through a rough patch.  Your head is full of ideas, and you can’t wait to sit down, watch what happens, and transcribe what you see into your .doc, but for some odd reason the words just aren’t flowing.

Do not confuse this with writer’s block.  I don’t believe such a thing exists.  I mean there is ALWAYS something to write about, even if it means just writing about not having anything to write about.  You never know what will pop the cork on a sparkling bottle of free-flowing narrative.

As it so happens, I’ve had that kind of week.  My word count has been in the crapper.  Not for lack of ideas, but instead, having difficulty making them work in my current project. 

So how does one paddle against the current?

If you’re a writer, you press on.  You have to.  Some writers can work on multiple stories at one time, and that can be a good palate cleanser before coming back to the story that’s been mocking your inability to complete it.  Personally, I don’t work on anymore than 2 at a time because of my well-documented problem with NOT finishing these things.  I also find it helpful to focus on the end result:  having a story that I can put up for sale *myself*.

Imagine that, Rules #1 and #2 at work again.

***Happy Birthday Little J!!!!***

Till next time.


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  1. Yes, the motivation to start selling is helpful, especially when you write novelettes, which take much less time than novels. Imagine that.

    I just read a blog post on copyblogger where someone sat at their desk with only a few options of activities for 33 minutes on a timer in the kitchen. He could sit there and do nothing, drink coffee, or write. He would sit for a few minutes doing nothing until he got bored and then he started writing. Sometimes I think writers block is just wanting to do something else, and not having the self-control to avoid it and keep working on your writing.

    I struggle with word counts when I’m not into a novel, because I am editing or brainstorming. But this past week I’ve written 5k and am close to finishing my zombie short story. So that’s exciting. I think I’m going to try and keep one novel and one short story going every week, breaking them up between day job and weekend/nights (I’m lucky enough to write during my day job). I’m editing a novel, and writing a short story, so that helps me keep the practice up of writing. Once I’m editing, there is rewriting, and then it’s done and I can pick up another.

    What project are you working on?

    • The self-discipline needed to stay on task when its so much easier to just get up from the desk when the writing gets hard is the key. I’m not totally there, yet. Otherwise I would throw more attention into writing novels.

      So-called ‘writer’s block’ is also the product of fear, and uncertainty. These are things we have to ignore. A writer may be afraid that they’ll just write crap. But one writer’s crap has proven to be the reader’s peaches & cream over and over again. The point is; you just don’t know until you do it.

      My current project came from a thought I had about this digital age, and the power of the free exchange of information: Could information ever be as valuable as gold? And what would it take to make that happen? I’m just having issues with the world I created, and fighting the compulsion to explain every little thing.

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