Knocked out of the Game

Finally, I’m back with a post derived from my own personal experience.  Newer writer’s may do well to listen up, but as always, every writer is different and this post may just provide an opportunity for the masochists, out there, to enjoy my turmoil.

I’ve been putting in a lot more hours than usual at work, and of course, the everyday stuff doesn’t stop because you still only have 24 hours available in a day.  The last couple of weeks have demonstrated to me how easily a writer can be knocked out his or her routine.  Knocked so far out, in fact, that it’s as if I’m starting over from scratch.  The blank page has become daunting again.  Instead of getting excited about my story ideas, I’m discouraged because they remind me of things that have already been done instead of being a used troupe that I could put a new, and interesting spin on.  The critical voice is yammering in my head constantly:  “You can’t write that.  It’s a rip off.”…”You haven’t written anything today because you suck.”

The critical voice does that.

When I sit down to work on prepping the next backlist story for the Kindle, I’m just too tired and frustrated from not having written anything new.

In short, writing has become hard again, like it did when I wanted to get serious about my craft.  This has taught me that my writing discipline was far from where it needs to be -OR- I have some sort of undiagnosed adult ADD (if there is such a thing).  Either way I’ve got work to do if I want to get back into the saddle.

How does one do this?  How does one conquer the blank page all over again?  First, I reestablish the routine and recommit to sticking to it, come hell or high water.  I’ve always said that writer’s block is a myth.  My answer was to just write something.  Committing any kind of creative words to paper – even if its mundane nonsense – can be enough to knock something loose.

That’s what this post is…a beginning to the road back to fun writing.  At this point, 358 words that I’ve just hammered out in about a half hour.  Now, a 372 word narrative about my personal conflict the critical voice.  You may have been amused or entertained by it.  Hopefully, at the very least, you’ve been informed.

And isn’t that was story telling is, at its core?

(Hmm…maybe I can still do this.)


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  1. That’s right Jack. You can do this! 358 words means you can write, just keep doing it. I’m reading George and the Brain right now and think it is a very clever and well synchronized story that is keeping me in suspense. Did I tell you about The Memory Eater anthology? Check it out, they’re accepting submissions till July 15th. Maybe the ideas on his site will give you something to write about.

  2. Yeah. It’ll be a bit of a rush to get one ready by then. But I’m gonna give it a shot. You?

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