Reversal of (Mis)Fortune…in progress

In my last post I wrote (in ‘whoa is me’ fashion) about the difficulty I was having getting back into my writing routine.  Real life had dealt a blow to my confidence and focus.  Well, what a difference a couple a days can make.

Last night I was able to make it to the F&SF Workshop writer’s group meeting in Second Life.  I don’t make it all the time.  Monday nights are generally pretty bad for me, and usually all I can manage is to write for a little bit before bed.  Well, the meeting last night was the deadline for a flash fiction writing challenge.  We were to write 250 words based on a prior brainstorming session that amounted to:  a dying King, a curse on the bloodline, and a quest for the King’s heirs.  Not a hard concept.  No real curve balls in the premise.  BUT…it’s an implied fantasy setting.

I don’t write fantasy.

I had forgotten about the challenge, so I didn’t have an entry (they had made it a bit of a contest).  During the first few minutes of the meeting, people were talking about the entries and having some fun with it.  Not having something to submit, had me feeling left out and very disappointed in myself.  I decided to take a crack at it, right then and there.  I would write out of my element on the spot.

Does this story have the standard happy ending?  Well, no.

I hammered out 200+ words in a bout an hour and emailed an incomplete story.  Looking back at it, I’d say it was awful.  That story was going to get really boiling until it hit the thousand word mark, I bet (sorry to make you read that, Luta.  lol)

As bad as I think the story was, I was still writing.  Writing in the creative side of the brain, without any input from the critical voice.  As I said, I was not writing where I’m comfortable.  For me, fantasy is hard to even read, let alone write.

But I was writing.  And that’s what I strive to do.

I’m not back 100%.  I wouldn’t say I was until I was in the routine and hitting my goals daily (Rule #1).  Even then, I’d likely be hard-pressed to make that claim until I finished a new story (Rule #2).  Hopefully, that creative voice will get louder and more clear, gagging the critical voice into submission.  I can only hope.

As an added bit of motivation, I saw that I’ve made my first sale in Amazon’s UK store.  Thank you to whoever has spent their hard-earned money on my work.  I hope you enjoy it.

Now, time to get back to it.

I was writing.


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