Taking off the Water Wings

I’ve posted here, at great length, about some of the trailblazers in this new digital age of self-publishing and about my own attempt to engage the digital market.  I read and posted about what the detractors have said, how they are content with a system that was outdated 20 years ago, and yields a disproportionate amount of frustration versus reward.

For three months I’ve tried to make my way the best I can drawing on the opinions of self-published professionals such as Dean Wesley Smith, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, and Micheal Stackpole.  Some of their methods vary, slightly, but the message is the same:  Take control of your own career.  You will not regret it.

These last three months have shown me that they are absolutely correct.

That’s not to say I’m swimming in epub revenue…far, far, from it.  But there are a few people out there that are buying my work.  It’s being purchased even though I haven’t been following the strict regimen of audience engagement through this blog, and social media that the professionals say is essential.  It is essential, and I have to do a much better job of it.  I’m making sales with only one release per month.  This, too, is something that I need to improve on.  Nothing but better time management between family, work, and writing will correct this.  And casting aside remaining doubt that I have lurking in the back of my mind about my writing is the only thing that will help my writing productivity.

Now it probably sounds like I’m beating myself up because I haven’t been stuck to the program, and maybe I do need a good, swift, kick in the pants to get things back on track.   But, as the pros have said, I would not regret it.  This has been more rewarding than anything I’ve ever tried.

So why have I taken the time for another post about how great I think self-publishing is?

Because my Kindle sales are up 50% so far in the month of July.  My June sales were up 25% over May.  Now I still can’t buy myself lunch on my monthly revenue and I hate to beat a dead metaphor, but this truly is a marathon instead of a sprint.  Numbers like this can serve to motivate any new writer that’s standing on the edge of the pool deciding whether or not they can swim.

I’m not calling myself a ‘success’ yet, but I might be able to take off my water wings in the forseeable future.

<Stayed tuned for a sample of my latest story coming soon.>


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