New year, new projects

It’s time to get rolling on the writing projects I’ve got planned for early part of this new year. 

My wife had knee surgery in December and has needed quite a lot of care since then, seriously cutting into writing time.  But now she’s getting more and more self-sufficient and I can get back into the writing saddle.

For the short term, I have some ideas for novelettes set in the universe I created while writing my NaNoWriMo book this past year.  That project didn’t get completed.  The idea came to me very late.  There was too much world for me to build for the time available in November.  This group of stories will help me flesh out the universe and it’s characters as I fully plan out the novel I started.

These stories are set three-hundred years or so in to the future, in the Gliese star system, some 20+ lightyears from Earth.  As you may know, a planet that may be capable of supporting life was discovered by Chile’s La Silla Observatory in 2007.  Interstellar travel has been perfected and further exploration has discovered other habitable planets in the region.  A sizeable population has migrated to Gliese and surrounding areas, creating something mimicking the wild west frontier of the 1800’s.

I see a lot possibilities in this set up and should have a lot of fun writing in this universe.  Hopefully, you’ll have as much fun reading in it.

I’ve added a word count widget on the left sidebar so everyone can track my progress.


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