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Still Under De-Reconstruction

The first read through and mark up of CrossRoads at Logan’s Outreach is still a work in progress.  What I’ve learned is shutting down everything internally, except the ‘pure story’ part of the mind during the furious frenzy that is NaNoWriMo, is one of the most exhilarating experiences a new writer can have when it’s working and the words are flowing.  However, the result that ends up on the page is vastly different from what you thought it was when you dig it up and look at it after a long period of time.

That’s not to say its ‘bad’.  I still think there’s a good story there to be told.  But this manuscript suffers from POV issues that I’ve been told about from beta readers of previous stories.  I didn’t really get it until now.  I keep morphing from third-person limited into a sloppy third person omniscient and back again.  This is fixable and it will be a lot of fun to this work , and future works, come out tighter and more engaging to the reader going forward.  I expect this would be much less of an issue, had I been constantly writing (practicing), instead of allowing life rolls to force me in long layoffs.

I also found I really had what could be three different beginnings to this book, rather than the first three chapters.  That’ll take some work to resolve, but not impossible.

I’m not finished with this read through, but its moving right along and I’m excited about the process.

Let this be a lesson, boys and girls:  never stop practicing.


Story De – Reconstruction

Just a quick post today.

Following along with the DragonPage podcast as Mike Mennenga deconstructs and rewrites his novel, MISTRESS OF THE DRAGON, with the help of Micheal Stackpole, I am doing the same with one of my NaNoWriMo novels.  It’s an incomplete manuscript, probably 60% of the story at about 51,000 words.

I haven’t given this story a serious look in over a year.  I call it a 1st edit – and it will be that – but the intention is to refamiliarize myself with what’s there so I can finish it.  I would be very surprised if I can’t cut less than 8,000 words of descriptive fluffery from what I have.

IF (I always have to say “if”) I can work on it regularly, this pass-through should be completed in a week or so, then another month after that write the rest…again, time permitting.  And I’ll be honest, time hasn’t been permitting very much.  Nevertheless, I’ve added a progress bar on the left side sidebar so you can follow along at home.