Story De – Reconstruction

Just a quick post today.

Following along with the DragonPage podcast as Mike Mennenga deconstructs and rewrites his novel, MISTRESS OF THE DRAGON, with the help of Micheal Stackpole, I am doing the same with one of my NaNoWriMo novels.  It’s an incomplete manuscript, probably 60% of the story at about 51,000 words.

I haven’t given this story a serious look in over a year.  I call it a 1st edit – and it will be that – but the intention is to refamiliarize myself with what’s there so I can finish it.  I would be very surprised if I can’t cut less than 8,000 words of descriptive fluffery from what I have.

IF (I always have to say “if”) I can work on it regularly, this pass-through should be completed in a week or so, then another month after that write the rest…again, time permitting.  And I’ll be honest, time hasn’t been permitting very much.  Nevertheless, I’ve added a progress bar on the left side sidebar so you can follow along at home.


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