It’s Tax Time…And I Like It.

At the end of the year, tax season was the last thing I was looking forward to for 2013.  Most of us hate it.  If you’re less than perfectly organized, like myself, you have tax related documentation stored all over the house.  Medical bills here. Business receipts there.  You probably spend the better part of January gathering them all up and putting them in some sort of sensible order for your tax preparer whether it be a professional or – if you’re brave enough – you go one on one with our tax code yourself.  More likely, the organizational process starts in january, stalls out by the middle of the month, resumes near the end of February and maybe completed sometime in march.

I started the year with the usual dred…until today.

What would suddenly lighten my view of this year’s tax season?  I got a 1099 in the mail today.  Most of us get them.  This one, however, has special significance.  It’s not the amount of income on the 1099 – that was a pittance.  But what was special was the fact that it came from Amazon reporting my income from ebook sales.

Proof that I made money from my writing.  I think I want more.

How does one accomplish this?  Write more.  Publish more.  It’s gonna be a productive year, boys and girls.

Challenge accepted.


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  1. Yes it will – 2013 will be YOUR year!!

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