I’ve got to clarify

I was thinking about yesterday’s post and felt like I needed to clarify it a bit.

I think I gave the impression that I write and self-publish simply for the money. This is not the case…directly. Making money is a goal. I’d like, more than anything, to write for a living. It can be the greatest job in the world.  Dean Wesley Smith absolutely said it best when talking about the job of the writing fiction.  I sit in a chair and make shit up, and if I’m lucky, people will pay me for the shit I make up.

Making money is a goal, but it’s not one that I can control.  DWS has some great posts about goals and how to set them.  One of the biggest pieces of advice on the subject is to set goals that you can control.  Meaning, I can’t make people buy $1,000 worth of my writing, that is out of my sphere of influence.  But what I

can control is writing, finishing and publishing stories that I hope my readers will buy.

So what I should have been more clear about when I said, “I think I want more” , was I wanted to write more stories – better stories – and make them available for sale on a much more consistent basis.  More writing equates to more practice which creates better writing that readers will enjoy.  At the end of that, there should be more sales not because that was my goal, but because I’ve created something that people enjoy and see enough value to purchase.


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  1. So what goal are you working on right now? Looking forward to seeing what the full teal bar in the left refers to.

    Just heard a great episode of the Functional Nerds Podcast with Myke Cole, who said he didn’t get published until he stopped writing to get published, and instead wrote to produce a great story. http://functionalnerds.com/2013/03/episode-137-myke-cole-and-topping-your-first-novel/

  2. Progress bars have been updated, Tim. I’ll post soon about these stories.

    Also, I want to thank you for stopping my blog. I very much appreciate it.

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