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Genetika: Akva rium, book i (excerpt)

darion d'anjou

Two more units placed and the segmentation designated by Paxton was complete. All the corridors looked the same, but according to the coordinates indicated by Jason’s wavering visual, they had completed their
circuit and were within minutes of the water lock that housed the sub. More importantly, the most obvious corridor access points to the segment of the facility where the submarine was docked, were now guarded by motion sensitive remote sentry units. The automated gun rigs stood armed and ready to loose high-powered salvos at anything that approached those corridors
from the wrong direction. The sentry units did not have eyes like human beings; they saw only movement, which neutralized the power of illusion, one of the Chimera’s primary advantages. The automated rifle units did not
have feelings, so they would wait patiently for a valid target, for as long as it took, without growing bored or distracted. Once…

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