Introducing the SSTS (personal) Challenge

I was thinking about ways to fulfill the promises I made in my last post regarding my productivity in both my writing and interaction with you, the reader.  I knew I had to be careful because its far, far too easy to spend too much time blogging and engaging in social media, and not actually write to any meaningful degree.  The natural solution, to me, was to bridge the two experiences, so I came up with what I’m calling:  The Short Story on The Spot Challenge.

The premise is fairly simple; periodically, as a blog post, I will write a short story for your enjoyment.  The ideas may come on the spot, as I am standing with my hands on the keyboard, or I may dig up an idea nugget out of old notebook full of things that sounded interesting at the time.  Given some of my time limitations, I may have to split a challenge story in to a couple of posts (it just can’t be helped).  But rest assured that when I open up a new post page there will be no outline, no notes, nothing more than a little thinking if the idea comes to me during my day.  I will start the clock and go until either the story is done or I run out of time.  At the end of the post, I will note the total writing time and word count.  These stories will be as raw as they can be, with the internal editor on mute.  If I’m feeling saucy, I might hit the spellcheck button.  Hopefully, these challenge stories will be worth your time to check out and feedback is always welcome.

Right now I plan on doing a challenge story at least once a month, but would expect them to come more frequently as time goes on and get better as I go. 

The goal of this exercise is to get me back on track as a writer so I can bring you stories from the fantastic worlds that populate my imagination, and, in the process, become a better storyteller.

See, it’s a win-win for both of us.  Follow the blog, or follow me on Twitter,  @jackfoehammer, to get updates on the challenge and upcoming ebook releases.

See you soon!


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Writer of Science Fiction

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