Short Story on The Spot #1 – Day #2

Ok, I’m back again to continue the magic I started yesterday.  Let me queue up some music and pick up where I left off.  If you missed day 1 of this story, you can find it HERE.

The elevator ride felt like the longest thirty seconds of my life.  I wondered what BS waited for me in the data center.  A written reprimand waiting for my John Hancock, maybe?  A good possibility since I woke up my boss up at 4am, this morning, sounding the alarm about, what I was led to believe, was going to be a catastrophic failure in the server back up.  I say ‘what I was led to believe’ because that’s what happened.  The monitoring software said; drive failure, on multiple drives in the storage array.  When he got here, backups were running normally.  Normally!  As if nothing ever happened.

I’ll be honest, I blew up.

Either those things are alive or somebody’s screwing with me, I told him.  They’ve been screwing with me for months!

But it didn’t matter.  He told me to finish my task list and be gone before he got there in the morning.

The elevator doors opened with a ding revealing my personal hell on Earth for the next eight hours.  I stepped to the heavy metal-framed glass door and swiped my keycard through the reader.  The light stayed red.  Goddammit.

I could see Johnny, the dayshift operator, sitting at the console with his back to me, but sure as shit, I knew he could see me on the camera monitor and buzz me in.  I mashed the intercom button.

“Johnny, did they forget to tell me they fired me?  My card won’t work.”

“Try it again,”

Another swipe and the system graciously allowed me access to the fortress of ineptitude.  I signed in on the clipboard next to Johnny and said, “What’s the good word?”

“Everything’s running slicker n’ snot.  Don’t mess it up.”

“It isn’t me, man.”

“Yeah, well, Marty says to not bother him or anyone else tonight unless the place is burning down.”


Johnny left a minute later and it was me, all alone.  I checked the logs and, just as he had said, no problems.  It was then I knew I was probably in for a special brand of hell that night.


Well, that’s all I got tonight.  Not a good session.  Lots of interruptions.  Couldn’t get into a rythym.

Stats:  Writing time:  <90 minutes  Wordcount:  Approx 375

Hopefully, I can continue tomorrow.  Take care.



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