Short Story on the Spot #1 – Day 4A

Welcome back, my friends.  Circumstance prevented me from getting back to the challenge story the last two night, so I have extra work to do.  This session will be a struggle.  Not feeling up to snuff, and real world stuff is weighing on my mind.

If you’re new to reading this story, you can go back to day 1 and get caught up from the beginning HERE, for the happenings immediately preceding today’s writing, go HERE.  I’ve also added an SSTS menu link at the top of the page so any challenge story will be easily accessible.

Now let’s get down to business.


     About a half hour later, the phone rang.

     “Data Center, this is Johnny.”

     It was a guy from our data center in Omaha.  I’d dealt with him before.  He was a jerk.

     “You can’t connect to what?…Let me check.”

     I pinged the server he was asking about and got a good steady result at less than one millisecond.  I figured he must be doing something wrong.  Of course he didn’t like me telling him this and complained that I was holding up production.  I was still feeling too good from my little victory earlier, that I didn’t want to get into a pissing contest over the phone.  I put him on hold and brought up a Remote Desktop Session on my workstation, keyed in the server name and clicked connect, expecting it to come right up so I could tell that guy what he could do with his production.

     Only it didn’t.

     Dammit.  I picked up and, it pained me to admit to him that he was right and that I’d call him back.

     Once again, I had to trek back to the server racks, muttering to myself the whole way.  I figured I was done with going back there for the night, but no such luck.  I found that little shit server with its little blinking lights, looking as normal as could be.  I slid out the tray with the service terminal for the rack and opened it up, selected the correct little shit, and signed in.

     All looked like it should have, so what was the problem.  Again, I started getting pissed.  There wasn’t a good reason to not be able to connect to it since it was clearly online.  Wait…let me check services.  Ah-ha.  The Remote Desktop service was stopped.  A strange thing to happen, but no worries.  It accepted the command to start, so I’d just make a note in my log and let the server guys handle it.

     As I was stowing away the service terminal, and saying things about that servers parentage to myself, I notice something.  I could see my breath.  It was then that it occurred to me that it had gotten cold.  I mean really cold.  The thermostat on the wall read fifty-seven degrees!  What the hell?

     I zipped my jacket up tight as I went back up front.  I now noticed the cold up there, as well.  Something had to be done about that.  But being the good little operator, I was, first things first.  Called back the jerk in Omaha and verified he was good to go.  As soon as he said he was in, I hung up.  No time for long good-byes.  Next, I dialed the after-hours maintenance number and got the voicemail.  To say it was ‘colder than a well digger’s ass’ in here would have been the right thing to do, but you don’t get action from a guy that was about to be woke up by an automated message going to his cell in the middle of the night by stating the problem quite like that.  I left a professional sounding message, hung up, and went back to work.

     Well, that is until I noticed it was after three in the morning.  Lunchtime.

     There was a gap in the job schedule, so I wasted no time in getting out of that damn icebox.  I forwarded the phone to my cell,  turned to the servers and said, “You ladies better behave till I get back.”


     I heated my can of ravioli in microwave about ten seconds longer than normal.  I really wanted to get warmed up.  Ravioli and Coke.  That was norm, and tonight it was going to be extra good.


This wasn’t a bad one.  A little short, but I have enough for a post and I expect to have more tonight so be on the look out for SSTS #1 Day 4B later.  Stats below:

Writing time:  1 hour     Word count:  Approx. 610   ***And only one error found in the spell check***


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