Short Story on The Spot #1 – Day 4B

Welcome back to what I hope will be another good session.  Looking back on what I’ve written so far, I see things wrong with it but I’m rather liking it, and I just might put it out as an E-short story if it comes out the way I hope.  More on that later.  Gotta finish it first.

If you’re new to the SSTS, you can get caught up on the new SSTS category page that can be found HERE.  Read and comment, if you dare.


     Sitting down, away from that icy pit of despair – especially given that night I’d had so far – was just what Ol’ Andy needed.  Relax, recharge a bit, and power through the rest of it.  Tomorrow was my night off, plus a vacation day after that.  I damn sure didn’t want to be stewing over the job during that time off.

     My cell rang.  “Data Center, this is Andr– Whoa! Hold on!  Don’t yell at me!”

     It was Omaha again, he was pissed.

     “No no no, I’ve only been out of there for twenty minutes.  There is no way everything’s been held up for an hour….”  He bitched some more, something about getting my head out of my ass, blah blah blah.  There hadn’t been any alerts sent by email or anything saying there had been an ongoing problem.  I just knew he was full of it.  But he wasn’t going to take my word for it…again.

     “I’ll go look right now and call you back.”  Click.  Jerk.

     Again, that walk back to the Data Center.  Again the colorful metaphors about how much and why I was hating technology at that moment.  A swipe of my card at the door and…nothing.  That red light on the card reader flashed back at me.  I swiped again.  Then again, from bottom to top.  Nothing.

     “Really?  I’m mean really!  You’re not letting me in now!”  Then my phone rang again.

     “This is Andrew…yes…yes, I know…I’ll call you back.”

     Before I could put the phone back in my pocket, “Yes!…I’m aware of situation…yes, yes, I will…”

     Now I was officially worried.  Other off site locations were calling now.  It sounded like everything had crapped out all at once.  Worse yet, I couldn’t get in to the damn DC to find out what was wrong.  I picked up my phone again and found my boss, Marty, in the contact list.  My thumb hovered over the ‘call’ button, as Johnny’s warning from Marty sounded off in my head; Don’t call unless the place is burning down.  So what was I supposed to do?  Shit was hitting the fan, but Marty had heard that song and dance before – very recently.  I chose to let fate decide.  If the next swipe of my card didn’t get me into the DC, then I’d call.

     I held my card at the top of the reader, paused for a second, took a deep breath and let fly.  I got a beep and a green light.  I’m not religious, by nature, but I thanked whatever god was listening at that moment.  The door slid open and I was greeted by what felt like a blast of arctic air in the face.  It had to be down in the forties in there now.  But I couldn’t worry about that, right then.

     Imagine my surprise when I found my inbox flooded with alerts.  Everything from failed applications to failed backups to connection failures.  It looked bad.  A lesser operator would have panicked and called Marty and anyone else they could think of.  Sure, production was at a stand still, and five remote sites were basically shutdown, but this was something I could handle.

     I just wished it wasn’t so damn cold.


Alright.  I felt pretty good about that session.  Another 535 words or so.  Got interrupted a few times, but add the Day 4A session total to this one and that makes for a fairly good day of production for me.  Stats below:

Day 4 total writing time:  About 2:25.   Word count for Day 4:  610 + 535 = 1045 on the day

See you tomorrow!!!


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