What if you can’t write?

It may be better to phrase the question as:  What if you are unable to write?

Next to having a writer’s block (which, in my opinion, is not possible), or the fear of failure (which is very real), this is probably one of the bigger obstacles a writer can face.  By ‘unable’, I mean physically not having the ability to carve out even thirty minutes of continuous writing time.

Every writer out there has their own way to get around this:  Carry a notebook everywhere you go and write in waiting rooms, the bus, the train, even sitting on the can.  There are ENDLESS ways to get around the I don’t have time excuse.  However, once in a great while, you can’t get around it.  The time just isn’t there.

So how do you cope?  How do you justify it?

I, presently, am in this situation.  You may now be typing in the comments:  “But aren’t you writing right now?  You have time for a blog post!  Why not your writing?”  And you would be right to do so.  It’s a rare occasion.

Everyday, I think about my SSTS challenge that I started this year and haven’t been able to follow through.  The second story sits with only one day written and it bothers me each and every day.  I feel like I’m letting my audience down and it, too, bothers me.

This post is more of a personal vent.  Letting off this steam may allow me to look at my time with a fresh perspective and I might find that one hour to write smack In the middle of my two jobs, outside obligations, and my family.  I’m not the first to be in this rut, and I won’t be the last.  Nor, am I in the worst of time crunch situations.

I want to know you deal with not having time to write.  Do you just ride it out, working toward making the time?  Do you write five minutes here and ten minutes there?  Is the frustration so debilitating, that when you do get to write, you can’t, because all of the words want to rush out at one time and create a pile of nonsense?

I want to know.


But I want to know in the comments


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