SSTS Challenge #2 – Day 2

Well, I didn’t get back to this over the weekend…or the following two months…so I’m pretty much coming back to it cold.  The momentum I had from day one is a dim memory.  So now, be amazed as I multitask by writing and eating lunch at work at the same time.  I haven’t even set word one to the page yet, and it already feels good to be writing again, even if it is for less than an hour.   Looking back at Day One, of this story, I already see some significant changes that should be made, but that’s for when its all said and done.  Time to get back to work.  If you’re new to this one, go back and read day one HERE.



The lead guard handed the data pad over to his supervisor. “There’s not much to the report, but it was a clear code fifteen.”

The man skimmed through the text and grunted.  “Stunning him in front of a hundred people on the concourse might have been a bit much.”

“Protocol is clear on this.  He’s not chipped and he was asking about the machine.”

“True enough,” the supervisor said, turning to the two-mirror that seperated them from the holding room.  The man they were talking about was seated at the interview table, none the worse for wear.  “Could be a wacko.  What else do we know about him?”

“Nothing.  No chip means no historical data.  DNA isn’t registered.  We even went old-school checking fingerprints and got nothin’.  Even his clothes are custom made.  Nothing traceable.”

The supervisor shook his head.  “Doesn’t make sense.”

“Who’s this guy, O’Leary, that he was asking about?”

He shook his head again.  “No clue.  Nothing on the threat board for that name, either.”  He took a breath as he looked at the man behind the glass again.  “He doesn’t fit the profile to be part of the opposition.  Looks like he could be anyone’s kindly, old grandfather, actually.”

The guard stood, unwavering, with his arms crossed and a furrowed brow.  “Maybe that’s their new M.O.?  ‘If your grandparents are anti-resource management, maybe you should be too’, type of thing?  Personally, I never understood why people would have a problem with it anyway.  Resources perfectly balanced with the population, how horrible!”, he said mockingly.

Then a voice came through the intercom speaker from the next room.  “JamesJames Newman?”

Both the guard and his supervisor, stopped cold.

The old man sat, smiling, looking directly at them through the glass despite the mirror that was facing him.  “James, would your Nana approve of this?”

“Did he just–”  The supervisor barely got the words out as he darted through the door.

That’s all I have time for, folks.  My lunch was interrupted.  I’m not even sure of today’s word count, but I got to write something at least.  Read Day One, then read this and leave comments.  This one is especially rough, at the moment, but with the SSTS challenge, there’s no going back to fix anything until its done.

Thanks for stopping by.


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