SSTS #2 – Day 3

It’s another lunch hour and that means I’m multitasking to write the next part of this challenge story.  For those that don’t know, these are stories that I’ve challenged myself to write, on the spot, as a blog post – unedited, no going back.  This is as rough as a rough draft gets, so look past inconsistencies as best you can.  To check out any SSTS material, click the link on the menu bar.  To go back and read this one from the beginning, click HERE


After a few moments, the door to the interrogation room flew open.  The supervisor and lead guard entered, purposefully.  The guard closed the door much more firmly than necessary causing a metallic clank that reverberated in the room.  He stood by the door as his boss dragged one of the steel chairs to the table, and sat opposite the old man.

The man seemed unphased, still wearing the same calm, welcoming smile he had since he’d arrived at the security desk two hours earlier.

“James,” he said.  “I’m glad your here.  I assure you, all of this is unnecessary.  I’m not here to cause any problems.  I just need to speak with Walter O’Leary.”

“How do you know my name.”  He said as more of a statement than a question.

“It’s just as I have been telling them; I know what I need to know.  And I know your Nana loved you very much and that you are not one to judge someone you don’t know so quickly.”

James’ eyes went wide and he had to focus to keep himself composed.  “If you knew so much, then you’d know my grandmother died years ago.”

“Oh, I know.”

James sat for a second not sure how to proceed, then tossed the datapad on the table.  “Well then, help me to know a few things.  We can’t find a single trace of you in the system.  In a legal sense, you might as well not exist.  Now I’m sure I can find a Walter O’Leary, somewhere, for you to talk to.  But I need something from you.  How about a name?”

The old man, smiled more broadly and chuckled.  “Of course.  My name is Simon.  Simon Peter.”

James stared blankly and looked to his subordinate.  “Check it out.”

The guard left leaving the two seated at the table.

“So…uh…Simon, why do you need to see O’Leary so badly?”

“Again, just as I told them, he is in charge of the machine.”

James tried to look disinterested.  “And if he does?”

“He needs to turn it off,” Simon said, calmly, but with a seriousness that was on par with the kindliness of his smile.

“I can’t believe I’m having this conversation,” James said, under his breath.  “Do you know what the machine does for this country?”

“Yes,” he said.  “It decides who lives…and who dies.”  Simon’s smile dissipated into a cold stare.  “That’s how I met your Nana.”


My lunch hour is over and its time to stop.  Looks like 400 or so words in about 45 minutes.  Not bad considering I went two months with no progress at all.  I like where this one is going.  Hopefully, I’ll get to spend some real time on it so we can get there.

Thanks for stopping by.



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  1. Story gets more interesting with each posting – can’t wait to see what comes next
    Glad that you’ve managed to squeeze time into your very overloaded schedule to work on story

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