Monthly Archives: March 2015

2015 – Shall we begin?

I stand here, in my kitchen (yes, I am standing), on March 4 poised to begin my 2015 writing campaign.

2015.  It’s already March, and I’ve yet to commit any useful words to the page.  I am beside myself with that realization.  But I’m not going to belly ache about this reason or that reason for my lack of production.

The responsibility is mine, pure and simple.

I’ve got a blank Word .doc open, a selection of epic music playing for motivation, and a simple goal of 500 words.  This post is merely a warm-up and when I leave you, tonight, I will be taking those first steps as a fiction writer…again.

In the words of Khan Noonian Singh (Benedict Cumberbatch):  “Now… Shall we begin?”


Thought for the day:  “You can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets.”  -Arnold Schawarzenegger