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Riding Off Into the Sunset

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If a song can be said to have an impact on my life, it might be Dylan’s “The Times They Are A’Changin'”. I have always liked the line about getting out of the way if you can’t lend a hand. Looking at publishing this way has kept everything in perspective for me over a long writing career.

Ebooks changed the publishing world. Dead tree books will always be around but I found out Friday that there will be a lot fewer from a Big 5 publisher in the future. My editor of quite a few westerns (including Sonora Noose and The Great West Detective Agency) was gone. Along with her apparently went the entire Berkley line of westerns. Earlier this year they had gunned down all their monthly series. With this lynching, I’d say upward of 100 books won’t be published next year. The times are, indeed, changing.


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‘Kickstarting’ your writing career?

A recent Facebook post from Robert J. Sawyer, very simply illustrates how much things have changed for the new writer during their “breaking in” years.  One of the biggest struggles facing us (next to actually getting the words down on the page in a coherent fashion) is balancing getting books written against your regular job, family, and other obligations.  The “easy” option is to cut something out to free up time.

Your 9 to 5 probably takes up the most productive hours of your day, right?  Well, now you can take time off and crowdfund your expenses while you write your book.

Robert J. Sawyer’s perspective on this, as a long time writer, is an interesting read.