Quick Profile: Timothy C. Ward

I’m speaking for myself, of course, but I think most writers still trying to find success unconsciously look for affirmation of our effort.  This can sometimes come in the form of the success of one of our peers.  We see their effort start to pay dividends and it reminds us of what we’ve been told by those wonderful authors that pay it forward to us new comers everyday:

Read.  Write.  Finish what you write.  Submit an/or self publish.  Build and audience.  Put in the work.  Dedicate yourself to your writing craft and the business of writing and things really can happen.

Timothy C.Ward is one of those inspirations for me.

I don’t know Tim, personally, but we’ve corresponded through email for a couple of years.  He was one of my first subscribers to this page.  We’ve done some beta reading for each other, and he’s been supportive through my own struggles of trying to balance my writing with everything else.

Tim has been doing the things an author needs to do and things are starting to happen for him.  In the last couple of years Tim has had 3 or 4 short stories accepted to anthologies, including the recently released Masters of Time anthology.  His story, Staring Into, is getting reviews as part of that collection.


He recently self-published his serialized SF thriller: Scavenger: Evolution, set in Hugh Howey’s Sand universe.  I’m reading the omnibus edition now.  I’m not finished yet, but he’s put out a top-notch product, in my opinion.  Not only is the writing good, but the cover and ebook format are excellent.  I’m already looking forward to book two.  I’ll do a review for book one, at some point.

Tim’s accomplishments don’t stop there.  His done production work for the Adventures in Sci/fi Publishing podcast that is nominated for a Hugo award for Best Fancast.

Most exciting, of all (to me), is that he got a request for the full manuscript of his first full novel submission.  I don’t remember if he heard back about that yet, or not, but even if it was rejected, getting asked for the full manuscript on the first try is very exciting.

In short, I think Tim is a good example of what can happen if we, as writers, get our butts in the chair and hands on the keyboard.  It doesn’t happen quickly.  But it does happen.  I know when I read his newsletter and see what he’s accomplishing, I get a little bit more inspired to trudge through the obstacles of my life to get to where I can get back to working on my own craft.

Please support Tim by Visiting his website:  TimothyCWard.com


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  1. Wow, thanks for the kind words, Jack! You know I’m only here because of others in our field doing the same thing, so its pretty awesome to see my journey being an inspiration to you. Whatever happened to that last story I beta read for you? It’s really good!

    Just to clarify, my novel was rejected by my first market, but yeah, getting a,request for a full on my second try is amazing. Both markets do a terrific job, but I thought my first choice would be better because they have more books in a similar genre. I will be more than thrilled to see mine get picked up at option two, though. I’ll share more when I know their final answer.

    Major props to Shawn T. King for his cover. I hope to have him do every cover I need.

    The sequel is 25k in, but in a temporary hold while I prep the final touches on my manuscript. Coffee’s hot so time to kick up the jams and tap some keys! Have a great one!

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