A Kick in the Pants

While working to get back to the writing table with some form of consistency, I find that it feels like its been so long I’m almost starting over from scratch.  This, of course, isn’t the only time I’ve felt like a brand new writer all over again.  Anyone that’s a long time follower of this page knows this.  So, as a “new” writer, I look to resources provided by generous career professionals that pay it forward, and I have a small collection of such resources that go back to when I’m starting over.

This collection consists of articles, blog posts, and podcasts on the writing craft and the business of writing.  You would not believe the hours and hours I’ve spent listening to the audiobook for Stephen King’s, On Writing, over and over while driving back and forth to work…or anywhere else.  Its a fantastic read…or listen…or whatever the equivalent is for a good audiobook. Other times I’ll load a flashdrive with a selection of episodes from the Writing Excuses podcast.

One episode, in particular, has come to mind while trying to reestablish my writing routine.  To me, it most succinctly addresses new writers in my situation struggling with time to write.  If you need a quick, back to the basics, kick in the pants reminder of what it takes to get to be a fulltime writer, then the link below will take you to your starting point.  In my opinion, this should be a must listen for anyone with serious aspirations of writing fiction as a career.  Brandon Sanderson, Howard Tayler, Dan Wells, and their guest, Kevin J. Anderson, lay it out pure and simple.

Agree or disagree?



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