NaNoWriMo – Post Mortem

So NaNoWriMo 2015 has come and gone.  No, I didn’t win.  I came up pretty short, actually, at 36,497.  The second half of the month was pretty rough.  I had hoped to string together some 5k word days, at the end, to make it close.  It didn’t happen.

Does not winning make it a failure?  No.  I’m counting it as a success, actually.  Looking back on my spreadsheet, there were three days where I didn’t anything and two of those were beyond my control.  The point of the NaNoWriMo exercise is to get butt in chair and hands on keyboard.  Mission accomplished given my lack of production throughout the year so far.  My writing is growing into a habit and (for me) that’s the whole point.

The next step is FINISHING.  That’s a work in progress.

But in the spirit of finishing, I’ve published a new short story, that I did happen to finish before NaNoWriMo, called:  PING TEST.  It’s a quick little read, that should be fun for anyone that’s worked a solitary, night shift job.  You might sympathize.

It’s up on Amazon, as of this writing.  B&N is still processing and Smashwords is coming soon.  I’ll make formal post about it when its available everywhere.

Till next time…


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