The Writer’s Curse


I was pulled out an old story I wrote about three years ago, that I really liked, to see what kind of rewrite it needed to make it palatable after all this time.

OMFG!  I still really like a lot of the writing, but now see how much I was cursed by SHOW VS. TELL.  Back then, I was telling the reader everything.

It was like a smack in the mouth.

The only way to expel this curse is practice, boys and girls.  Read a lot and write a lot.  That’s it.  That simple. There’s no poetic, philosophical, candy coated, mumbo jumbo needed to learn this lesson.

So this story will need to be gutted and will probably be 2/3 of the length it is now.

Guess I have some work to do.

Till next time…


About Thomas J. rock

Writer of Science Fiction

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