2016 Writing Goals Review – March /April

It’s time for some much needed self-accountability.  I laid out goals for 2016.  My review of progress for the first two months of the year was painful.  Let’s see what’s been happening since then.

Goal #1:  Write 1,250 words a day.

Grade:  FAIL – I’m getting better with this one.  I did just leave my second job a couple of weeks ago to allow more time for writing and its been paying off.  A lot more writing, but I’m not hitting 1,250 as an average.  Switching to outlining was supposed to help me make more of my limited time resource but so far, not so much.  Since the average is below the goal, I have to grade it as a fail.

Goal #2:  Develop an outlining system.

Grade:  PASS* – Last time, I graded this as a pass. * I’m reworking the system again, to figure the best way to use Scrivener for it.  

Goal #3:  Publish a story every other month.

Grade:  FAIL (AGAIN) – With more time to write and actual writing happening, this will be a pass on the next review.

Goal #4:  Blog post at least every other week.

Grade:  PASS – The posts don’t come like clockwork, BUT I’m maintaining this as an average.

Goal #5 – Regular building of my author platform (Goal formally known as: More Twitter)

Grade:  PASS – Working on a number of things for this to help planned book launches later this year, which include building a newsletter, new website, etc.  Stay tuned for news on that, as it develops.

GRADE FOR THE YEAR TO DATE – Technically a PASS since I have a PASS majority, but the most important goals are still fails.  There is a lot more work to be done.

Till nest time…



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  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself – at least you’re actively working on your goals instead of just talking about what you could do (like the majority of the population). Keep it up, I look forward to reading your new work.

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