New Blog Site Launch!

Jack Foehammer Subscribers, I’ve migrated to Please update your subscriptions and thank you, so much, for your continued support.

Thomas J Rock

Today’s a fairly big day.

I begin the official cut over away from my Jack Foehammer pen name with this new WordPress blog under my real name.  Over the next few weeks I’ll cross post on the old blog, as well, pointing people to update their subscriptions here.

There’s still some things to do on this page to make it what I really want, but things are close enough to start putting it to good use.  I’ve migrated all of my blog posts for this year, in order, and I’ll be archiving the rest at a later date.  After all, I can’t let all those words just disappear, right?

I have a lot of things planned for the year and this will be the main hub for it all.

If you follow the old blog now, thank you for your continued support and you can update your subscription on the…

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